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Charge right from the first time

Ever since we've owned an electric car, we've encountered problems with reliably charging and planning our trips. We often felt anxious about running out of battery while driving because there was no guarantee of finding an available charging station. This frustration inspired us to create our own solution to improve the current system.It was a clear choice: either we build our platform to reserve charging stations or someone else will hire us to build theirs.

From that point on, we gathered as a team in Aachen Germany and started the development of the first universal booking platform for charging stations and its compatible charging app.

With VOVO Charging, we aim to transform the charging experience. So that EV drivers can reliably charge right from the first time.

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Work with VOVO Charging

We are a small, creative team with high engineering standards. Our mission is to make commuting with electric vehicles efficient, reliable, and hassle-free.

Join us in developing our products with a strong research focus and a fast-paced entrepreneurial mindset.

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We are attending MOVE in London next June! MOVE is one of the world's leading tech mobility events, bringing together the people and companies that redefine mobility. Make sure to stop by our stand ;)

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